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Fort Myers Water Damage

Off of College Avenue in Fort Myers is a gated community named Provincetown. A water heater leaked in a ground floor unit resulting in heavy water damage on floors and lower walls. Mold growth was discovered once the water heater was removed.

The tenant discovered the water damage in the early morning when waking up to get ready for work. She immediately contacted the property manager who knew to call H2ODryout, Inc. for emergency water removal, dry out, and clean up.

Fort Myers Water Damage

The Emergency Service Truck was dispatched and on-site within an hour of receiving the call.

The damage was so extensive the tenant required temporary relocation during the clean up.

The process started with the removal of standing water, removal of non-salvageable flooring, moldings, and drywall, and containment barriers were set up to keep the mold from spreading.

Our IICRC Certified tech set up and monitored the dehumidifiers, fans, and air scrubbers to dry the building. The mold was cleaned by a State Certified Mold Remediator according the protocol and a post clean up clearance laboratory test results were provided to the property manager and insurance company. The insurance company was billed directly for the emergency service work and clean up completed.

H2o Dryout, Inc. has a Certified IICRC Water Restoration Technician present on every job.

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