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Carpet Repairs

Carpet Repairs, re-seaming, patchwork,
threshold repair, stretching

The different types of carpet repairs are re-seaming, patchwork, threshold repair, stretching, and dye work. It’s almost inevitable that at some time you will need to do a carpet repair. Restretching will give the carpet a face lift removing the wrinkles. It will also extend the life of your carpet which would otherwise wear along the buckling.

Cut and plug very simply we can cut out a piece of the damaged area and simply replace it with another piece to match. A small carpet repair can save you thousands of dollars versus buying new carpet.

Spot Dyeing is another type of carpert repair, if someone spilled bleach we can neutralize the bleach and then dye the spots with a color that matches it best. Once again this procedure can be very cost effective for you.

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