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Mold Remediation

Professional Mold Remediation Services in Fort Myers

Got mold in your basement or bathroom? Contact a local mold removal specialist in Fort Myers. H2O Dryout offers swift, dependable mold removal and water damage restoration solutions. Call now for a free estimate.

Mold is a major hazard, as it can lead to respiratory illnesses, trigger allergies, and cause severe health issues. Caution must be used to avoid exposure. With mold remediation services in Fort Myers, you can sit back as a specialist from H2O Dryout thoroughly eliminates the threat.

Mold removal services in Fort Myers involve the use of advanced technologies to detect all types of molds, including small mold spores and hidden threats. We can thoroughly inspect your property to find all traces of harmful mold. At H2O Dryout, we have experience with mold removal for residential and commercial properties throughout Fort Myers and the surrounding area.

Expert Water Damage Restoration Company in Fort Myers

Mold is often the result of moisture problems, especially after dealing with water damage. Along with mold removal, the team at H2O Dryout offers dependable water damage restoration services in Fort Myers.

If you have recently experienced water damage or flooding, do not wait to deal with the issue. Sitting water and moisture can damage drywall, furniture, and carpeting. It can also increase the risk of the spread of mold.

Allow our experts to dry out your home or business. We can safely and effectively clean up and repair any damage.

Contact us for professional, affordable mold removal or water restoration in Fort Myers. Get a quote today!

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